FAQ | ViaFour-Robo Advisor,Digital Advisor,Factor Investing
Q: What types of accounts can invest in ViaFour?
  • Individual Account
  • Joint Account
  • IRA or Roth Rollover
  • 401 (k) or 403(b) Rollover
  • SEP
Q: What are the steps to open a ViaFour account?

Starting an ViaFour account is simple and only takes about ten minutes to complete. To get started simply click on any Invest Now/Get Started button and you’ll be guided through three easy steps.

Step 1. Questionnaire

Answer a few straightforward questions, such as what type of account you’re interested in, how long you plan to invest, and what your risk tolerance is.

Step 2. Recommendation

Based on your answers, we’ll recommend a portfolio that is optimized to your investment needs. Your specific recommendation will include a personalized portfolio recommendation

Step 3. Application

Using a fast and secure online application, we’ll guide you every step of the way to start your new account.

Q: How much does it cost?

ViaFour charges a transparent annual advisory fee of only 0.25%. The fee is based on your account balance and is deducted from your account on a monthly basis. There is a $6.95 charge per ETF trade. The only additional cost is the individual operating expenses charged by the underlying ETFs which combined average between .09 and .19 percent per year depending upon your portfolio.

Q: Is there a minimum amount to open or maintain?

Yes, the minimum to open a ViaFour account is $10,000.

Q: Is ViaFour a mutual fund?

No. ViaFour is a collection of online professionally managed portfolios. The ViaFour portfolios are managed by VIA IV Investments LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Q: Where is my money held and how is it protected?

ViaFour assets are custodied at TD Ameritrade Institutional, one of the world’s largest brokerage firms. TD Ameritrade is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which protects your account up $500,000. For details please visit SIPC.org

In addition to SIPC coverage, TD Ameritrade provides each client $149.5 million of protection for securities and $2 million of protection for cash through supplemental coverage provided by London insurers. In the event of brokerage insolvency, a client may receive amounts due from the trustee in bankruptcy and then SIPC. For account protection details please visit TD Ameritrade.

Q: Can I rollover my 401(k) or 403(b)?

Yes, but for most people, you may only rollover your 401(k) or 403(b) if it’s coming from a former employer.   By doing a “direct rollover” you avoid paying early withdrawal penalties and taxes. You should consult with your tax advisor to discuss the tax implications of a rollover.

Q: How is my personal information protected?

We protect the privacy of your information and only share your data with third parties to perform our services to you or in limited circumstances as outlined in our Privacy Notice. ViaFour and TD Ameritrade each use a secure website that is protected with 128-bit encryption on the transmission of all data. For more details see our Privacy Notice.

Q: How often does ViaFour rebalance?

Over time, market fluctuations can cause a portfolio’s holdings to shift. Rebalancing controls risk by resetting a portfolio back to its original allocation. In non-retirement accounts, the buying and selling needed to rebalance an account can have tax implications. ViaFour typically rebalances taxable and non-taxable accounts on an quarterly basis.

Q: How accessible is my money?

ViaFour is designed to be invested over the long-term. You can log in to your account and withdraw money at any time.

Q: What are the risks?

Like all market investments, the ETFs within ViaFour will rise and fall with the market and subject your portfolio to gains and losses. While these fluctuations make it impossible to predict the market over the short-term, historic data shows that over the long-term the market has increased in value. In addition to market risk, ETFs are subject to risks relating to global economic conditions, and interest rate fluctuations.

Q: How do I fund my account?

There are several ways to fund your ViaFour account.

Direct Rollover from a former employer

If you have a 401(k) or 403(b) at a former employer, you may be eligible to rollover the funds to a ViaFour IRA and avoid taxes and penalties.

Bank Transfer (ACH)

This option allows you to move funds directly between your U.S. based checking or savings account and your ViaFour account.

Account Transfer (ACAT)

If you have an existing investment account with the same title as your ViaFour account, in most cases, you can liquidate your old account and electronically transfer the funds to your ViaFour account.

Wire Transfer

This option is initiated by you and allows you to electronically transfer funds from a U.S. based bank account to your ViaFour account. Most outside institutions charge per wire transfer.

Q: Can I add or sustitute other investment into my account?

No. Every portfolio has a specific allocation of stock and bond ETFs that is designed to optimize long-term performance and lower risk.

Q: How do I Contact ViaFour?

We welcome your comments and questions at info@viafour.com or by phone at 888-317-3335, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm CST.

Q: How do I view or access my account?
Click on the LOGIN button on the ViaFour home page.